When: September 26, 2018 Where: Cali, Costa Rica

California vacations have never been so fun!There are so many different ways to get your holiday fix here in California.For the holiday season, check out these awesome holiday spots: * The Beach: Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, the beach is a must-see during the holiday seasons.You can also head to Santa Cruz, the capital…

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California vacations have never been so fun!

There are so many different ways to get your holiday fix here in California.

For the holiday season, check out these awesome holiday spots: * The Beach: Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, the beach is a must-see during the holiday seasons.

You can also head to Santa Cruz, the capital of the state, which offers some great dining options.

* The Pintos: Located near the tourist area of Santa Cruz are some of the best local craft beers in the world.

* Santa Cruz City Park: A popular place to go on a vacation, the park is home to some of Santa Clarita’s most stunning landmarks.

* La Jolla: Located on the Santa Cruz coast, La Jollans beaches are gorgeous and are perfect for the weekend.

* Ocean Beach: The ocean is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a leisurely swim.

* Palm Springs: Palm Springs is home of a number of amazing restaurants, including La Loma Cafe, and La Pareda.

* San Clemente: There is a vibrant art scene and an amazing variety of music venues throughout the city.

* L.A. Harbor: The harbor is the best place to enjoy the sun and the sea.

* Whittier: L.S. Harbor is home base for some of LA’s best beach cruises.

* Redondo Beach: Redondo is an incredible beach destination that is best experienced by a family.

* Sunset Strip: This beautiful stretch of beach has some of Southern California’s best views.

* Newport Beach: With so many attractions in this area, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Newport Beach.

* Venice Beach: Venice Beach is an amazing spot for the sun, the sea, and a beautiful sunset.

* Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills is home for many beautiful beachfront houses.

* Long Beach: This beach town offers some of California’s most popular restaurants, restaurants, and bars.

* Westwood: If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and experience some of its best restaurants, bars, and shops, this is your spot.

* South Beach: Long Beach is a great spot for a great beach and a fantastic sunset.

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________California vacation guide:Best tropical vacations in California article The beach is always the first choice for most vacationers.

Here are the best tropical destinations in the state: * Cali: Located just outside of the heart of Los Angles, Cali offers beautiful views and amazing weather.

* Costa Rica: This tropical paradise offers a variety of activities, including relaxing in the beach.

* Punta Arenas: This is a popular destination for beach and beachfront lovers, and it is also a great place to eat out.

* Calamity Bay: This spectacular beach is home a variety in activities.

* Belize: Belize is home the famed Bodega on Belize.

* Surfing: The popular surfing spot at Bodegon is located just off the beach, so there is no shortage of activities to enjoy.

* Cancun: Cancuna is home with some of Latin America’s best beaches, including the most popular ones, Belize and Belizean.


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