How to stay warm during the Super Bowl: JetBlue vacation packages and the best hotels near me

JetBlue Vacation Village Resorts is offering a variety of vacation packages at some of the most popular hotel chains in the area.While some of these packages may seem a little pricey for the amount of vacation time you’ll be spending, JetBlue has a few perks you can enjoy that will help you save money.Here’s what…

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JetBlue Vacation Village Resorts is offering a variety of vacation packages at some of the most popular hotel chains in the area.

While some of these packages may seem a little pricey for the amount of vacation time you’ll be spending, JetBlue has a few perks you can enjoy that will help you save money.

Here’s what you need to know about JetBlue’s vacation packages:Vacation Village Resort and SpaHotel Indigo JetBlue offers some of its best deals on the most luxurious vacation packages in the region.

You’ll be able to save up to 50% on hotel room and food.

For example, you can save $300 off hotel room in Indigo JetBands and $700 off hotel meal packages in Indigo packages.

Indigo Jet Blue offers several options for those who need a bit more room in the hotel.

You can save up $300 per night on Indigo hotel room packages and $750 per night per room in its Indigo Jet packages.

If you’re planning to go on vacation this year, JetBagel is offering an extra 30% off all hotel room package and meals.

JetBags offers an extra 20% off the price of a hotel room, meal, or snack package in Indigo package.

This discount applies to Indigo packages only.

You must be logged in to check out this offer.

Indigo packages offer an extra 15% off hotel rooms, meal packages, and snack packages.

This offer is available to anyone who has checked in for a hotel stay with Indigo.

Indigo package discounts are applied to Indigo hotel rooms and meals, and not Indigo hotel packages.

For more information, visit

JetBlue Holiday Inn and SuitesJetBlue is offering the most extensive holiday package deals in the entire region.

All you need is your Indigo package, and you’ll save up 25% off Holiday Inn package prices.

You will also get an additional 15% discount off Holiday Suites packages.

You cannot save up more than 25% in any given month on any Indigo package price.

For a complete list of holiday packages, visit

If your travel plans require you to travel to multiple locations, you may need to use JetBlue Express Travel.

JetBlue Holiday Suite and Suite offers an additional 25% discount on Indigo packages and an additional 30% discount for Indigo hotel meals.

You are required to be logged-in to check-out this offer, and will need to be a JetBlue Gold Card member to redeem this offer in person at the airport.

If you’re a Gold Cardmember, you must use your account number and PIN to redeem the offer.

For instructions on how to log in and redeem your JetBlue Rewards, visit!/go/goldcard.

If traveling on vacation with friends, JetLink is offering several packages.

One package will give you 20% discount per night.

The other package will save you 15% on all hotels.

To check out JetLink, visit or call 1-800-KIDD (1-800.-832-6787).

JetLink Holiday Suiting offers an exclusive discount on all Indigo hotel and meals packages.

This offer is limited to a single night, and is available only to Gold Cardmembers.

For additional details, visit JetLink Holiday Inn Suites offers a 20% per night discount for all Indigo packages, including meals, hotel rooms.

For details, call 1–800-A-SURF-IT, or visit go,jetlink,, and/or for details.

If flying, JetPass is offering JetBlue Premium Passes at the price that JetBlue offered during the 2015 Super Bowl.

JetPass members will receive 10% off a select Indigo package when they check in for their stay.

For information, call JetPass at 1-877-638-9073 or visit www and/o go.

JetPass is also offering a 15% per person discount on a selected Indigo package at JetBlue hotels and other properties.

For an explanation of the 15% offer, .

If you’ve checked in, your JetPass card will be charged for the night.

If your stay lasts more than three hours, the card will automatically be charged.

The price will be applied to your Indigo travel package price only.

For hotel and meal packages to be eligible for the discount, you will need an Indigo Travel Card.

You do not need to have an Indigo travel card to enjoy this offer or to redeem it.

To save even more, JetBeach and JetBlue are offering JetBeacasts to the entire Indigo and Indigo packages for the first time in 2015.

The JetBeast offers 20% extra per

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